MS Paint Halo 3 – Contest Results

It’s finally time to announce the winners of the MS Paint Halo 3 contest!

Unfortunately, my plans for the judging process fell through; rather than waste more time trying to find a new impartial judge I decided to go with the most impartial judge of all: random chance. All four winners (one first prize and three runner-ups) were selected by assigning each entry to a number and determining a winner through Excel’s random number function.

The winners are:
First Prize (The Thursday War): Entry #11 – Overdoziz
Runner-up (ONI Patch and Button): Entry #8 – Daedalos42
Runner-up (ONI Patch and Button): Entry #4 – tadboz
Runner-up (ONI Patch and Button): Entry #5 – IHaveIce

Winners, I will contact you via email for your mailing address and other details.

I’d like to thank everyone that contributed and invite you all to enjoy this gallery of all fifteen entries. Some of these were very impressive, a few were absolutely hilarious, but all of them brought on waves of nostalgia. Be sure to keep an eye on – I’m planning to announce another contest soon!