Episode 10 – Havok

The Official HaloGAF Podcast

Regular hosts Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan are joined by Havok to discuss the recently-launched Halo 4. (129 minutes. Recorded 11/20/2012.)

0:00:47 – Segment 1 (pt 1) – We talk about Oddball, Instant Respawn, AAs, and Global Ordnance.
0:34:30 – Segment 1 (pt 2) – Personal Ordnance, Precision Weapons, Arena, and Spartan Ops.
1:21:05 – Segment 2 – Discussion of Halo 4’s Campaign, Story, and the Prometheans. (SPOILERS)
1:57:06 – Segment 3 – Halo News, VGA Nominations, Playlist Updates.

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